• The Surgical Complex Unit

This consists of two operating theatres, recovery, sterilisation unit and changing rooms

  • Wards

There are one male ward and one female ward, and each one consists of eight beds

  • The out-patients unit

The unit has three rooms where patients are seen regularly and registered to be seen the MRC team mission. The unit is run by the local medical officer and the medical assistants


Out patients clinic


  • The Ultrasound suite

The Centre is equipped with a new state of the art Ultrasound machine that was donated by the DNDi. The ultrasound machine has the facilities of scanning, recording and storage images. It had improved early case detection of mycetoma and management.

Ultrsound suite

  • The Laboratory

The laboratory was inaugurated on Thursday 9th, January 2020, by HE, the Governor of Sennar State, Sudan. The laboratory was established by a kind donation from DNDi. The laboratory is equipped with appropriate equipment for basic microbiological and molecular testing with an excellent storage facility. The laboratory technologist was trained on Good Clinical Laboratory Practice and other molecular and mycology techniques. The laboratory has good facilities for the diagnosis of the common medical problems in the region, processing and storage samples for further analysis and examination at the MRC



  • The Telemedicine Unit

This unit communicates the satellite through the internet to the MRC at Khartoum. It has a data storage facility. The unit was established by kind support from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


  • The Pharmacy

The pharmacy dispenses all the mycetoma medicines free of charge. It also dispenses other medication and has a storage facility