Mycetoma Behind the Lens

A Multimedia Advocacy Project


“Mycetoma Behind the Lens” seeks to make a lasting impact by blending emotive visuals with educational initiatives. The project aims to raise awareness and advocate for mycetoma prevention, early detection, and proper management through multimedia storytelling, including photography and videography.

By illuminating the challenges faced by those with mycetoma, the project aims to cultivate understanding, empathy, and community support while emphasising the significance of community engagement and advocating for improved healthcare practices and policies. Through its compelling imagery and narratives, the project aspires to humanise the experiences of mycetoma patients, transforming statistics and medical jargon into relatable and impactful stories that resonate with a global audience.

The project endeavours to demystify mycetoma, a neglected tropical disease, by showcasing real-life stories and struggles of individuals affected by it. By putting a human face to the disease, “Mycetoma Behind the Lens” aims to break down stigma, promote compassion, and drive public interest towards supporting research and intervention programs.

It is a collaborative work between the Mycetoma Research Center and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative – DNDi, Geneva. This partnership leverages the scientific expertise of the Mycetoma Research Center and the advocacy and outreach capabilities of DNDi to create a powerful platform for change. By combining resources and knowledge, the project is positioned to reach a wide audience, influencing policymakers, healthcare providers, and the general public.

Moreover, the project includes educational workshops and community engagement sessions designed to empower local communities with knowledge about mycetoma and its prevention. These initiatives are aimed at fostering a proactive approach towards health and well-being, encouraging early detection and proper treatment to mitigate the impact of the disease.

“Mycetoma Behind the Lens” not only seeks to inform but also to inspire action. By showcasing the resilience and strength of those affected by mycetoma, it aims to galvanise support for ongoing research, improve healthcare infrastructure, and advocate for policies that prioritise neglected diseases. Through this holistic approach, the project aspires to create a sustainable impact, ensuring that the fight against mycetoma continues until the disease is eradicated.