The MRC Structure


The MRC staff rich blend of medical, health, and scientific backgrounds, coupled with their notable achievements in patient care, teaching, research, and community involvement, exemplifies a multidimensional approach to healthcare. Their dedication to exploring innovative approaches to patient management through a combination of clinical and foundational research reinforces the center’s commitment to excellence in the field of mycetoma.

The MRC staff members are of medical, health and science backgrounds; they are interested in all facets of mycetoma and have good track records in patients’ management, teaching, research and community engagement. The centre staff has continually explored new patient management approaches through clinical and basic research.

In the realm of patient care, the MRC staff has demonstrated exemplary dedication and proficiency. Their track record includes successful management of patients, showcasing a commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services. Moreover, their engagement in teaching activities underscores their commitment to knowledge dissemination and cultivating the next generation of medical professionals.

In the domain of research, the MRC staff has consistently excelled. Their clinical and foundational research achievements showcase a commitment to advancing the understanding of mycetoma and exploring innovative approaches to patient management. Through rigorous scientific inquiry, they contribute to the broader medical and scientific community, fostering advancements in the field.

Equally noteworthy is the active involvement of the MRC staff in community engagement initiatives. Their commitment extends beyond the confines of the clinic and laboratory, as they actively participate in community programs and outreach. This engagement promotes health awareness and establishes a strong connection between the center and the communities it serves.