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The Mycetoma Research Centre, University of Khartoum, WHO Collaborating Centre on Mycetoma.

The Mycetoma Research Centre, University of Khartoum was designated as the only WHO Collaborating Centre on Mycetoma in 2015 with specific Terms of Reference and these are:

  • To elucidate epidemiology of Mycetoma
  • To improve management of cases of mycetoma
  • To disseminate information about mycetoma and build capacity of health care providers

Membership at NTDs/WHO Committees

MRC staff sits on different WHO/NTDs committees and subcommittees.

Mycetoma Resolution No. WHA69:21

MRC submitted a submission to include mycetoma as an NTD in 2016 through the Sudan Ministry of Health, and eventual that was accepted and Mycetoma now a member of the WHO/NTDs priority list.

More: Mycetoma Resolution No. WHA69:21

The Khartoum Call for action

MRC drafted the Khartoum Call for Action during the Sixth International Conference on Mycetoma in 2019 at Khartoum, Sudan, which was endorsed by the WHO and other international organisations and NGOs.

More information about Khartoum Call for Action

WHO Senior Officials Visits to The MRC

Many seniors WHO officials had visited the MRC, and that included

  • Dr Tedros Adhanom, WHO Director-General
  • Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari, Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Senior Scientist, WHO
  • Dr Mwelecele Ntuli Malecela, Director of the Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO

More information: Director-General Of WHO Calls For More Mycetoma Research

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