Learning Resources



The outpatient clinic of the Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC) at Soba University Hospital, University of Khartoum, operates every Monday from 08:00 am to 12:00 pm. This clinic caters to both new patients and those on regular follow-up, addressing various types of mycetoma at different clinical stages.
At the EL Hassan Research Laboratory, MRC, skilled laboratory technologists are readily available to provide demonstrations of common mycetoma diagnostic tests and procedures.
The MRC boasts an extensive library housing a collection of textbooks, guidelines, articles, and video clips, serving as valuable learning resources.
Within the Mycetoma wards at Soba University Hospital, a bustling environment is observed, with numerous patients undergoing medical treatment or preparing for surgical interventions.
A dedicated surgical theatre session is conducted on Thursdays, facilitating the surgical treatment of a substantial number of patients. This comprehensive setup offers rich opportunities for hands-on learning and practical experience for those engaged in mycetoma research and treatment.