The Director’s Message


Mycetoma, an overlooked global health issue, disproportionately impacts marginalized populations residing in impoverished, remote, and underprivileged communities, thereby imposing substantial medical and socio-economic hardships.

The repercussions of this neglected disease extend far beyond the realm of physical suffering, manifesting in the form of social stigma, economic adversity, and health inequalities.

In recognition of the multifaceted challenges posed by mycetoma, the Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC) was established in 1991 under the auspices of the University of Khartoum.

The center operates with a clear and compelling vision, aiming to propel advancements in scientific knowledge, enhance clinical skills, and promote evidence-based mycetoma care. Comprising a diverse team with backgrounds in medicine, health, and social sciences, the MRC excels in various domains such as patient management, research endeavours, educational initiatives, and community engagement.

Acknowledging its global significance, the MRC has attained recognition as a WHO Collaborating Centre on Mycetoma, underscoring its leadership role in the fields of mycetoma management and research.

The center has garnered acclaim for pioneering innovative solutions aimed at mitigating patient disabilities and reducing the associated stigma.

Through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, the MRC endeavours to diminish the burden of mycetoma, utilizing continuous monitoring and evaluation activities to inform and refine its strategies.

In essence, the Mycetoma Research Centre stands as an inspiration of excellence and a global authority, working tirelessly to address the intricate challenges posed by mycetoma, alleviate the suffering of affected communities, and contribute to the broader body of knowledge in mycetoma management and research.

Prof AH Fahal