Institutional Review Board (IRB)



The MRC has formed a new Institutional Review Board (IRB), comprised of 12 members possessing extensive expertise in ethics, research, and clinical practice, spanning medical, health, and social backgrounds. The IRB includes a chair and two Co-chairs, encompassing a diverse range of professionals such as a medical microbiologist, biostatistician, public health/community medicine physician, ethicist, educationist, sociologist, one community representative, and a WHO technical officer. Additional experts may be brought in as needed.

Board members serve a three-year term, subject to termination in cases of transfer, resignation, repeated and unjustified absenteeism, proven misconduct allegations, or death. The IRB operates under well-defined terms of reference, bylaws, and standard operating procedures. Regular meetings are conducted to assess research proposals originating from the center and beyond.


The Board Members


Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed EL Nour
Professor of Forestry, The National University 
Prof EL Gailani Ali EL Amin El Arabi
Professor of Parasitology, University of Khartoum
Prof. Ahmed Mudawi Musa
Professor of Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Department of Clinical Pathology and Immunology, University of Khartoum
Prof. Ahmed Hassan Fahal
Professor of Surgery, University of Khartoum
Prof. Intisar Sighayroun EL Zein
Professor of Archaeology, University of Khartoum
Dr. Sahar Mobarkh Bakhiet
Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, University of Khartoum
Dr. Tahra EL Sadig EL Mahdi
Associate Professor of Medical Education, Ahfad University for Women
Mr. Mahmoud Khalid
Journalist –Free-lancer, Sudan
Dr. Mannar EL Shiekh A Rahman
Associate Professor of Biostatistics, University of Khartoum
Technical Officer
WHO Office Khartoum
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