The Human Resource Policies



They reflect the core values of the Mycetoma Research Centre:

Every employee is entitled to fair and just treatment, with equal opportunities for employment, promotion, and a commitment to equitable compensation.

Employee welfare is a priority, and decisions are made taking into account the well-being of the workforce.

Organisational Learning
The center is dedicated to building the capacity of its employees within its environment.

Performance through People
Employee performance is a key metric for progressive improvement efforts.

Quality of Working Life
Continuous improvement of the work environment, workload, and employee satisfaction is a fundamental obligation.

Working Conditions
The center ensures healthy, safe, and pleasant working conditions without causing employee redundancies.

Age and Employment Policy
The policies address age discrimination and underage labour, emphasising a commitment to fair treatment.

AIDS/Hepatitis Policy
The center ensures confidentiality and non-discrimination and provides protective equipment to prevent HIV/AIDS transmission.

Bullying Policy
Bullying is not tolerated, and a process is in place for reporting and addressing such behaviour.

Discipline Policy
Clear expectations are set, and disciplinary cases are handled according to the principles of natural justice.

Management of Diversity Policy
The center values cultural and individual differences, promoting inclusivity in areas such as selection, promotion, and learning opportunities.

Emails and Use of the Internet Policy
Offensive communication is prohibited, and the center reserves the right to monitor email messages under formal investigation.

Employee Development Policy
Continuous development of employee skills and abilities is prioritised for personal and professional growth.

Employee Relations Policy
The center supports employees’ rights to representation through unions or associations, viewing them as partners.

Employee Voice Policy
Employees are encouraged to provide feedback through regular channels, consultations, and suggestion schemes.

Employment Policy
Adherence to Civil Service Laws and Sudanese legislation guides employment practices.

Equal Opportunity Policy
The center is committed to being an equal opportunity employer, with zero tolerance for discrimination and proactive measures for under-represented groups.

Grievances Policy
Employees have the right to raise grievances, accompanied by a representative if desired, and appeal unresolved issues to higher levels.

New Technology Policy
The center involves consultation in introducing new technology and minimising adverse effects on employment conditions.

Promotion Policy
Promotion is encouraged from within, emphasising selection based on ability. Training is provided based on the belief in the employee’s benefit.

Redundancy Policy
The center aims for employment security, offering redeployment and retraining programs to avoid involuntary redundancy.

Reward Policy
The center ensures an equitable pay system, pays for performance and provides flexible benefits, acknowledgement, and non-financial rewards.

Sexual Harassment Policy
Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited, with support and counselling provided to affected employees. Formal complaints are handled with sensitivity and respect for all parties involved. Severe penalties, including instant dismissal, apply for proven cases of harassment.