Mycetoma MicroImage: Detect and Classify Challenge (mAIcetoma)

Welcome to the Mycetoma MicroImage: Detect & Classify Challenge!


Challenge Overview

This initiative, part of MICCAI 2024, aims to utilise AI for the automated analysis of histopathological images to diagnose Mycetoma, improving both accuracy and speed in medical diagnostics. It will be held in Marrakesh, Morocco, during MICCAI 2024. This challenge will provide researchers and innovators with an opportunity to advance global health technology by addressing neglected tropical diseases through cutting-edge image computing. Mycetoma, recognised by the WHO as a Neglected Tropical Disease, presents significant diagnostic hurdles leading to severe health consequences. Leveraging AI, this challenge seeks to transform the diagnostic process by automating the analysis of histopathological images, ultimately enhancing accuracy and speed in diagnosing Mycetoma and thereby improving patient management and outcomes.