The Research & Development Arcade (Arcade)



The Research & Development Arcade (Arcade) has been established in direct response to the rapidly growing demand in Sudan and the surrounding region for proficient researchers and the execution of high-quality research and development initiatives. Recognising the paramount importance of fostering a culture of continuous development and advancement in these fields, the Arcade is actively providing comprehensive training programs, consultations, and support tailored to meet the evolving needs of research institutes, centers, as well as individual researchers and students.

In acknowledgement of the dynamic landscape of research and development, the Arcade serves as a hub for enhancing the capabilities of professionals and aspiring researchers alike. By offering specialised training programs, the Arcade aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of contemporary research methodologies and innovative development practices.



Moreover, the Arcade extends its services beyond training, providing valuable consultation and support to research institutes and centres seeking guidance in optimising their research and development endeavours. This collaborative approach is designed to enhance the overall quality and impact of research initiatives, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and innovation in Sudan and the broader region.

In essence, the Research & Development Arcade stands as a dedicated resource, actively shaping the landscape of research and development by nurturing a community of skilled and motivated individuals, fostering a culture of excellence, and facilitating impactful contributions to the ever-evolving fields of research and development.


The aspiration of the Arcade is to emerge as a foremost International Center of Excellence, providing unparalleled support in the realms of Research and Development.


In response to the accelerated expansion in research and development, the Arcade is committed to enhancing the landscape of research and development with a primary focus on fostering Innovation, Integration, Relevance, and Excellence.


  • Enhance and elevate the capabilities of researchers and teaching staff by imparting advanced concepts and methodologies in research and development.
  • Aid and bolster research centers and institutes in the strategic planning and execution of their research initiatives.
  • Foster ongoing professional development in the field of research and development by designing and facilitating continuous and in-service education and training.
  • Promote and provide support to students engaged in their research activities.

The Arcade Activities



  • The Arcade conducts top-tier training courses, symposia, workshops, and diverse activities in research and development for various institutions, catering to both regional and national levels.
  • It offers valuable advice and guidance on various research aspects to different research centers and institutes.
  • The Arcade actively collaborates with and supports other centers in the region to optimise available resources and expand the scope of activities.
  • It provides practical, logistical support for enhancing manpower planning, management, and training within the research community.

Arcade Information



The Arcade Target Groups

  • Universities and research centres and institutes, scientists and researchers
  • Medical and healthcare professionals
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students

CME accreditation

  • All training courses count towards CME requirements. Certificates of attendance will be provided at the end of the courses.


  • The training activities held at the Arcade premises and different field stations.

Itinerant workshops

  • The Arcade organises short training activities at the different state universities’ research centres and institutes in Sudan on request.



All training activities are conducted in English.

Course Booking

The Arcade annual programme is announced on the Arcade website. Early booking is advisable due to limited vacancies.

Social Programme

The training programs offer opportunities for individuals to connect and engage with diverse people and cultures. These activities typically include a variety of social events that facilitate active cultural exchange, creating a congenial atmosphere for participants to interact and build mutual understanding—a key aspect of the Arcade’s agenda.

Arcade Training Courses



  • Proposal Writing
  • Grants writing
  • Scientific writing
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Ethics
  • Communication & Counselling Skills
  • The Life (R4L) Platform Training Workshop
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP)
  • Implementation Research
  • Biostatistics
  • Clinical Trials Workshop
  • Introduction to R software
  • Introduction to ArcGIS software
  • Data collection and surveys implementation in developing areas
  • Introduction to clinical trials implementation

Learning Resources