Many activities were conducted, and that include:

  • The Mycetoma Cultural Week was organised in collaboration with The French Institute and the French Embassy in Khartoum in the period 23rd - 27th February 2020. The week included paints and fine art exhibition, comedy shows and presentations. More than 70 paints and fine art collections on mycetoma awareness were produced.




  • A three-day training workshop on Mycetoma Health Promotion, Advocacy and Awareness for Media Professionals was conducted in the period 2nd and 4th January 2021. It was organised in collaboration with Hope International Organisation. Twenty participants from different media specialists included comedians, journalists, radio and TV commentators, newspaper writers, poets, actors, fine artists, film editors and producers, public relations specialists, bloggers, sound engineers, and art directors, had attended the workshop. It had improved the mycetoma awareness and advocacy among the media specialists. More news press, radio and TV interviews on mycetoma were produced.


Community Engagement 2


  • The Visual documentation of Mycetoma in Sudan Workshop was organised in collaboration with the Ceramic Department of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, the University of Sudan, in the 13th-22nd March 2012. Fifteen members of the Ceramic Department had attended the workshop. They produced 47 ceramic and fine art collections on mycetoma advocacy.


Community Engagement 3



  • The establishment of the We Are With You Group. This is a group of the top 40 celebrities, fine artists, singers, comedians, and journalists in Sudan working together to support mycetoma patients, the MRC and the Mycetoma Friends Association to execute their activities to improve the patients’ quality of life. The group had organised several events, and one of them was a trip to mycetoma endemic regions in central Sudan and ended a Gala Night at Sennar Town attended by a massive crowd 16 they produced many short video clip messages that led to more awareness and advocacy


Community Engagement


  • The establishment of The Mycetoma Friend Association. It was established at the MRC in 2008 to help mycetoma patients, especially those with low socio-economic status, by providing the necessary medical, financial and psychological care and support. The Association had supported many mycetoma patients medical and health care, offered socio-economic support for the needed patients and provided many limb prostheses, investigations and medicines for the needed patients. It conducted many field activities that led to more early case detection and management.