Mycetoma is a deep subcutaneous implantation mycosis caused by certain fungi or bacteria, characterised by massive deformities, destructions and disabilities if not treated timely and appropriately. To date, and despite progress in mycetoma research, a considerable knowledge gap remains in mycetoma pathogenesis and epidemiology, resulting in the lack of objective and effective control and preventive programmes. Currently, the available disease control method is early case detection and proper management. However, most patients present late with immense disease and for many of them, daring substantial deforming surgical excisions or amputation are the only prevailing treatment options.

To overcome these management and socio-economic difficulties mycetoma patients face, a unique holistic management approach, including medical, health, social, and financial care, is needed. To achieve this holistic management approach, The Wad Onsa Mycetoma Satellite Centre (WOMSC) was established at the highest mycetoma endemic region, at Wad Onsa Village Eastern Sennar locality, Sennar State, Sudan.