1. To help mycetoma patients, especially the ones with low socioeconomic status, by providing the necessary medical, financial and psychological care they need to control the disease progression as much as possible by cooperating with different local and international associations.
  2. To help the poor patients who are unable to get their medication and provide it by seeking those who are able to afford and also through the cooperation with corresponding associations in other countries.
  3. To educate communities and patients about the disease and to fight the wrong concepts that they embrace about Mycetoma.
  4. To keep up with the latest scientific and cultural developments and updates regarding the disease and its effects, locally and internationally, and to share such developments with all members for more benefit that also facilitates dealing with patients.
  5. To establish and implement meticulous guided projects which represent the association’s goals.
  6. To collaborate with corresponding global and local associations and to participate in various periodicals, publications, and leaflets related to Mycetoma.
  7. To construct seminars, lectures, exhibitions, conferences, and publications relating to Mycetoma and to collaborate with corresponding scientific societies and medical faculties in universities and the Doctors’ Union.
  8. To improve the performance of the medical services and staff members in all hospitals and medical centers when dealing with Mycetoma.
  9. To establish centers for the treatment and care of Mycetoma patients in different parts of Sudan.