Dr. Sahar M. Bakhiet is currently the head department of Molecular biology at the Institute of Endemic diseases and research coordinator at the Mycetoma Research Centre – University of Khartoum. Her research activities have included the immunology and molecular biology of different neglected diseases with special emphasis on Mycetoma and Leishmaniasis. She has published widely in this area and her publications range from epidemiology and basic science through to community engagement projects. She is supervising M.Sc ad Ph.D. students in this field and participates in different training programs.

Additionally, she is participating in the first-ever clinical trial in Mycetoma funded by DNDi and is responsible for all the laboratory management. Dr Sahar also is working as on major grant funding for two significant programmes of global health research funded by NIHR UK. Moreover, she is an active member of the Global Mycetoma Working Group.

In addition to her scientific work, Dr. Sahar has extensive reach within the public community through her public engagement activities to which she is highly committed.