Community Environment Improvement Campaigns

At Wad El Nimear village, one of the highly mycetoma endemic villages in Sudan, several campaigns to improve its environment, sanitation, and hygiene to reduce the mycetoma transmission risk factors such as thorns, sharp objects, animals dung were organised by the Mycetoma Research Centre, in collaboration with Sennar State Government, official local authorities, community leaders and activists, and Red Crescent volunteers. The thorny trees and bushes, thorny animals’ enclosures, animals dung, dirt and rubbish, were removed and burnt

  To improve the village hygiene, reduce contact with the animals and their excreta, and eradicate the thorny cages, 72 modern animal enclosures were constructed outside Wad EL Nimear village.

This project was conducted by a  kind donation from an engineering company as its social reasonability activity. These new animals’ cages were distributed free of charge to the villagers.