Molecular Diagnosis Unit

The Molecular Diagnosis Unit within the Mycetoma Research Center, established in 2017, stands as a cutting-edge facility dedicated to clinical molecular testing for the identification of causative organisms of mycetoma. Holding Good Clinical Laboratory Practice certification, the unit specializes in DNA-based assays designed for mycetoma diagnosis.

At present, the unit conducts over 300 tests annually, encompassing a spectrum from simple PCR amplifications to intricate tests derived from the latest research breakthroughs, now translated into clinical utility. As part of its ongoing evolution, the unit is poised to introduce sequencing panels in 2023. This initiative aims to enhance diagnostic precision, enabling the identification of mycetoma causative agents down to the species level. Furthermore, the unit is dedicated to the development of rapid and point-of-care diagnostic assays intended for use as field-friendly tests for efficient screening and diagnosis. This forward-looking approach underscores the unit’s commitment to advancing diagnostic capabilities and improving the overall management of mycetoma.

Laboratory Tests & Services

  • Molecular identification of mycetoma causative organisms using different types of samples, including grains, aspirated materials and surgical biopsy tissue.

    • Conventional PCR
    • Multiplex PCR assay
    • RT-PCR
    • Sequencing

Unit Staff

Dr. Sahar Mubarak Bakhiet

Mr. Mohamed Motasim Ali

Mrs. Rehab Ahmed

Miss Nama Ahmed EL Shibli