The Laboratory Diagnosis of Mycetoma Workshop

The laboratory diagnosis of mycetoma workshop is a 4-day workshop held in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) aiming to improve healthcare workers knowledge on the diagnostic tools and techniques for mycetoma.

The laboratory diagnosis of mycetoma workshop

First session: An introduction to mycetoma and the MRC, and a presentation on mycetoma challenges and opportunities presented by Professor Fahal, director of the MRC.

Second session: A tour of the MRC laboratory where the participants learned about the diagnostic tools and services available at our centre.

Third session: culture diagnosis of mycetoma presented by Mrs Rihab Ahmed, head of the microbiology unit at the MRC.

Fourth session: practical session on the molecular diagnosis of mycetoma

The second day of the laboratory diagnosis of mycetoma workshop starts with a session on ultrasound diagnosis of mycetoma.

Second session: continuation of the molecular diagnosis practical session.

Third session on molecular diagnosis

Third day of the workshop started with the participants joining the clinics to meet patients and understand more about mycetoma management at the MRC.