Alandalus Visit

A significant number of patients often delay seeking medical attention until the mycetoma has reached an advanced stage, making amputation the only viable treatment option. The majority of these patients come from underdeveloped communities, underscoring the Mycetoma Research Centre’s critical objective to enhance the well-being of communities in mycetoma-endemic areas.

To achieve this objective, the dedicated staff members have embarked on numerous field trips to various mycetoma-endemic regions, including Sennar, Gaziera, and the White Nile States. During these visits, outpatient clinics were established, and comprehensive house-to-house surveys were conducted to identify and engage with patients. The communities were actively encouraged to attend these clinics, where patients received treatment, and those with complex cases were referred to the Mycetoma Research Centre or nearby general hospitals for further medical attention.

Alandalus Visit 2010

The Federal Ministry of Health
The National Mycetoma Control Programme
Report on the EpidemiologicalStudy on Mycetoma at El Andalous Village,The White Nile State
Recently, Mycetoma Research Center (MRC), University of Khartoum records revealed a high incidence of Mycetoma in The White Nile State, especially at Um Kar region.  In Um Kar area, the MRC records and a previous visit to the state,showed high incidence of Mycetoma in El Andalous (Awiwa) village, 50 Kilometersfrom EL Dewam Town.
Therefore, The National MycetomaControl Programme, The Federal Ministry of Health decided to conduct an epidemiological study to determine the burden of Mycetoma, The Knowledge, Attitude & Practices of the community and patients with Mycetoma towards the disease, to identify the risk factors for Mycetoma so as to plan control methods and to study the impact of the disease on the quality of life for the Mycetoma patients as seen at the EL Andalous village, The White Nile State.

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Alandalus Visit 2013

Report on a Medical & Health Campaign to
AL Andalus Village, the White Nile State – 2013
In the period 27-30th


March 2013, the Mycetoma Research Centre, Soba University Hospital, University of Khartoum in collaboration with the Association of Aid & Relief-Japan (AAR), a NGO operating in Sudan, had organised a Medical & Health Campaign to Al Andalus village.

which is one of the mycetoma endemic areas in the White Nile State, Sudan and it  is 250 kilometres south of Khartoum. It had 2835 inhabitants and most of them were

farmers and housewives of low socio-economic status.

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