The Regional Mycetoma Units

Many patients tend to present late with advanced disease where amputation of the affected part may be the only possible treatment. Most of these patients are from under-developed communities of low socioeconomic status. Hence, the MRC important objectives are to improve the life quality of these patients and mycetoma endemic areas communities.

To execute these objectives, two Mycetoma regional units at mycetoma endemic villages in Sudan were established. One at Wad Onsa Village at Eastern Sennar Locality, Sennar State and the another at Al Andalus village at the Um Gar Locality, the White Nile. In these units, patients are seen and treated locally at their villages, artificial limb prosthesis are provided, health education and community support activities are conducted by mobile teams from the MRC. All these activities are done free of charge. More than 1000 patients were surgically treated at these villages.

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