Report on the Mycetoma Medical & Health Third Mission to Wad Onsa and Wad El Nimir villages, Sinner State 31st March - 1st April 2016

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The Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC), University of Khartoum in collaboration with the Institute of Endemic Diseases (IED), University of Khartoum and Sinner State Ministry of Health (SMOH) had conducted the third field study to East Sinner region which included Wad Onnsa and Wad EL Nemir villages.
The goal of the mission was to contribute dramatically to the reduction of the mycetoma national burden in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.  

The main objectives were; early detection and treatment of mycetoma patients, conduction of epidemiological study on mycetoma, mycetoma awareness raising and advocacy and assessment of the disease burden.
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