The MRC Annual Research Report Meeting

As part of the academic activities of the MRC, the annual report meeting was conducted at the Mycetoma Research and Development Arcade. The meeting was honored by the participation of Melanie Newport Professor in Infectious Diseases and Global Health at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

The intended purpose was to reflect the center’s projects and updates and to share knowledge and experiences.
The event was witnessed by Sudan's National Television and recorded interviews with professor Fahal and some of the center's staff.

  • Mycetoma; a novel diagnostic approach.
  • Host genetic susceptibility to Mycetoma in Sudan.
  • Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of a novel series of Imidazopyridazines as antifungals against Eumycetoma caused by Madurella Mycetomatis.
  • Spatial mapping of Mycetoma in Sudan.
  • Mathematical Model for Mycetoma Diagnosis.
  • MRC - Biobank.
  • Molecular Diagnosis of Mycetoma from archived formaline-fixed tissue blocks.