Khalid Hamid

Khalid Hamid Youssif - Conceptual Visual Artist

 Khalid’s ability to produce works in an astonishing range of styles made him a high esteemed and talented artist. He is renowned as one of the most influential and celebrated artists in Sudan. He is an artist who is difficult to limit within the boundaries of the traditional school of art, making him instead known for his revolutionary ideas that very often toss aside all the rules.

Khalid Hamid is closing devoted to the Mycetoma Research Centre, Khartoum, Sudan. He frequently joins the Centre’s medical and social missions to mycetoma endemic regions in Sudan. He captured thousands of fabulously photos and videos for mycetoma patients and communities. He donated enormous, magnificent paints to the Mycetoma Friend Society. Khalid Hamid He regularly performs open theatre happenings and conducts extensive mycetoma health education activities and awareness.

The Mycetoma Research Centre, University of Khartoum is proud to have Khalid Hamid as a Mycetoma Ambassador for 2020 and an excellent Mycetoma Friend

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