The MRC would like to express its almost thanks and gratitude to many stakeholders that made these missions successful and unique stories, and they included

  • The Governors of Sennar State:
    • Mr EL Daw El Mahi
  • Ministers of Health, Sennar State:
    • Mr Mohamed A Gadir EL Mamoun
    • Dr Alam EL Huda Mustafa, the Acting Minister
  • University of Sennar
    • Prof Banga Hassan Mohammed Sennar University Vice-Chancellor
    • Dr A Rahman Ahmed, Sennar University Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
    • Mr Hago EL Toum, Faculty of Medicine and Consultant Surgeon and his surgical team
  • The Director-General, EL Zaka Fund, Khartoum
  • Sennar State, Director, EL Zaka Fund
  • The Director-General, The National Medical Insurance, Khartoum
  • The Director, Sennar National Medical Insurance, Sennar
  • The Senior Officials, Sennar Ministry of Health
  • The different NGOs
  • Community leaders and activists


Special thanks and gratitude

  • The missions enjoyed the great hospitality of Wad Onsa community leader Shiekh Abdel Azziz EL-Bashir and his family. Who provided free accommodation and meals for the whole mission members.
  • Mr Mohamed A Gadir EL Mamuon, the Minister of Health at Senner State and his senior administrators made