Mass-Communication Department



Mass communication involves the creation, transmission, reception, and analysis of messages to large audiences through verbal, visual, and written media. This extensive field encompasses the considerations of why and how a message is crafted and the medium used for its dissemination.

The mediums employed in mass communication are diverse, including print, digital media, the Internet, social media, radio, and television. It is a multidisciplinary domain that incorporates aspects from related fields such as strategic communication, health communication, political communication, integrated marketing communications, journalism, and more.

Professionals in mass communication leverage their understanding of rhetorical principles and strategic media practices to formulate, disseminate, and assess impactful messages directed at broad audiences and communities. Beyond its practical applications, mass communication is a realm of extensive research aimed at enhancing the quality of messages.

The Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC) at the University of Khartoum, designated as a WHO Collaborating Center on Mycetoma, spearheads various public engagement and health education initiatives to advocate for mycetoma awareness and improve the quality of life for affected populations. The Neglected Tropical Disease Directorate within the Ministry of Health in Sudan has adopted an integrated strategy for managing NTDs. Consequently, the MRC collaborates to implement this strategy, aiming for more objective and cost-effective treatment of NTDs patients

The Units


The administrative structure and units:

  • TV Studio
  • Radio Studio
  • Digital Montage Unit
  • Library and Material Management Unit
  • Training Unit
  • Supporting Unit


To lead mycetoma awareness and advocacy leading to Zero Mycetoma globally


The Mass Communication Department seeks to serve as a platform for various media professionals, including public relations specialists, journalists, broadcast professionals, advertisers, marketers, content writers, graphic designers, illustrators, public health educators, corporate media managers, and others. The department aims to enhance the understanding of neglected tropical diseases, including mycetoma, and their impact on patients, communities, and health systems. Subsequently, it aims to employ diverse mass communication strategies to develop and launch strategic communication plans, ranging from broadcast news to online campaigns and public health announcements.

Moreover, the department intends to utilise a variety of mass media formats and communication practices to spotlight the different activities of the Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC), showcase research collaborations with various national and international institutions, outline future plans, and promote fundraising events.

Against this backdrop, the establishment of the Mass Communication Department by the MRC serves the purpose of producing and managing various communication materials addressing mycetoma and other neglected tropical diseases.



The Department is actively collaboration with several Media Centers and Institutes, Ministries of Health, and Universities to execute its vision and objectives and of these:

  • The WHO, Neglected Tropical Disease Department
  • Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan
  • Ministry of Health, Sennar State
  • Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Sudan University of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Art, Sudan University of Khartoum
  • 3D Artistic & Media Production LTD
  • Several TV channels and broadcast stations, locally and overseas
  • Medicimage, Ireland & UK
  • Eisai Co., Ltd, Japan
  • GHIT, Media Department, Japan
  • Association of Aids and Relief, Japan
  • DNDi, Media Department, Nairobi, Tokyo and Geneva offices



The Department has orchestrated and executed a variety of mass communication events and activities with the aim of augmenting mycetoma awareness and advocacy both within Sudan and on a global scale. Some of these initiatives include, but are not limited to:

We Are With Your Group the MRC had established a group of 40 top celebrities, comedians, and journalists in Sudan to support mycetoma patients and the center


The Department had designed several Social Media activities: