Artists visit to the Mycetoma Research Centre


A large number of artists and media professionals initiated a group called “We are with you” to fight chronic diseases through art. Their first activities were on 7th of August 2017 in the patients’ waiting hall of the Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC) at in Soba town. They recited poems and sang songs with patients and their co-patients, between cheers and tears from the audience, and the singers promised to support patients and the centre to eradicate Mycetoma.

Patients expressed their happiness and thanks for such initiatives. The waiting area was overflowing with joy and people. Nurses, patients, doctors, and health workers all shared the space; they stood up, and they sang together with popular stars such as Norma Kafori, one of the Mycetoma Ambassadors.


Asim Al Bana, one of the famous Sudanese singers, led this visit. He is one of the “We are with you” group members, and he is also a Mycetoma Ambassador. He announced that this group will support patients not only by awareness messages through media, frequent visits to the centre and social mobilisation, but they will also visit the endemic areas combined with the clinical intervention, as well as contribute financially through their concerts.

After that noon party, all artists and media professionals gathered around a dining table and discussed with the MRC staff the current situation of Mycetoma. Then they outlined their future plan. In that meeting there were famed singers such as Abu Baker Sidahmed, Mustafa Alsoni, Isam Mohamed Nur, Muntasir Alhilalia, Muhab Othman, Nisrin Alhindi, Afrah Isam, as well as the celebrated poets Mahmoud Aljaily and Dalia Alias. Also present was Tariq Cabalo, a well-known TV moderator.