The MRC offers various fellowships to clinicians, researchers, and medical laboratory technologists for training in mycetoma, other tropical diseases and research skills to enable them to pursue excellent future career. MRC has three types of fellowship and these are:

  • - Clinical Fellowship
  • - Laboratory Fellowship
  • - Post - Doctoral Fellowship

Clinical Fellowship:

The fellowship aims to develop the clinical and academic skills of clinical fellows in preparation for career in tropical diseases in general and in mycetoma in particularly. It also provides the fellow with experience in teaching, inter-professional and team work, administrative and policy issues. Its duration is one year.

Laboratory Fellowships:

The MRC offers laboratory fellowships training in:

  • - Microbiology
  • - Immunology
  • - Molecular Biology

The fellowship provides the trainee with the opportunity to be trained in laboratory techniques and participate in research projects. The fellowship exposes the fellow to clinical laboratory management that includes regulatory issues, quality control procedures, test validations, and laboratory information systems. The fellowship is six months duration.

Post - Doctoral Fellowship

The goal of this one year post-doctoral program is to prepare graduate scientists and clinicians for academic careers in tropical diseases. The training is tailored to the background and interests of the individual fellows. This fellowship supports the fellow to conduct sound original research and the opportunity of peer reviewed publications. In addition, to developing skills in teaching and research leadership and management.

Three fellowships were offered in 2016 to Dr. Lamis Yahia, Dr. Mona Mahgoub, Miss Amal Jamal