Excellence in selection Excellence in training

Excellence in selection

As part of the efforts to rehabilitate and train mycetoma patients, ten women who will receive high training as a first batch for the design and sewing of school bags project were interviewed on 13-Mar-2022 at the Mycetoma Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Centre (SAA’ID).

The Coordination of this work was supervised by Dr. Abdullah Ali, director of the Economic and Social Research Bureau - Ministry of higher education and scientific research, Dr. Sara Abu Saqra, entrepreneurship specialist and a strategic planner for the project and a member of the advisory committee, and Ms. Aliaa Karim, owner of Falcon Integrated Company and the sewing trainer.

Five of the interviewed ladies were selected and started the training program on 14-Mar. This will be followed by comprehensive financing and providing the trainee with a sewing machine and the required materials to start production from home and help her in marketing.

The giving extends to the care, follow-up, and involvement of even the members of the trainee's family to make each family productive, innovative, and pioneering.

It is worth mentioning that the " SAA'ID" center aims to train mycetoma patients and residents of the surrounding area on handicrafts to be productive and train them in marketing and entrepreneurship skills.