Prof. Alexandro Bonifaz

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Prof Bonifaz got great interest in mycetoma as it is a common condition in Mexico, and it has many impacts on patients in affected endemic regions. In Mexico it is commonly actinomycetoma caused Nocardia and Actinomadure species. He worked extensively on actinomycetes, especially on Nocardia brasiliensis and other species. Also, he studied the actinomycetoma epidemiology, diagnosis and he reported on new treatments with first-line antibiotics. He reported on the largest epidemiological study on mycetoma in Mexico,
He currently developing in vitro susceptibility test for Nocardia strains, isolated from mycetoma and nocardiosis. With regard to eumycetoma, he had worked together with Dr. van de Sande of Erasmus medical centre on the most accurate identification test for cryptic strains of mycetoma agents in Mexico, some of them are different from those reported in Africa.